Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

I believe in three core values to any successful team and/or project: communication, collaboration, and transparency. Communication is a key aspect to successful teams because it keeps everyone involved. Communication drives ideas. Ideas are the seeds of change and communication gets them planted. Collaboration brings the seeds of ideas to growth. Teams that are not […]

Version Control

Version Control I’ve been working as a software engineer for over a decade. In my time I’ve worked on projects that had version control in place and projects that had no version control. While I believe all projects should use version control, I have come across some projects that don’t see the benefits or value. […]

Server-Side vs Client-Side Trust

Server-Side vs Client-Side Trust I like to pretend I’m an avid gamer. I try to keep up with the latest gaming trends, well.. at least I try to. I have a few games I typically go to, and a few games I am excited to play once they release (and I wait until a sale, or […]


Efficiency I am a fan of efficient processes. When I see potential for process improvement, I find myself drawn to making it better. I’ve done this in a past company I worked for when they did not have a proper defined software development life-cycle. I developed a process within my own teams that I though […]

Copyright Expiration is BACK!

Copyright Expiration is BACK! Since 1998, when Disney (along with a group of other corporations) successfully convinced congress to pass an extension to the original copyright laws. The original laws state that any works created before January 1, 1978 were protected for 75 years. The change in 1998 extended that to 95 years. This is […]


Metrics If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve developed some type of toy app. Maybe even deployed a few. Perhaps you even have users that are happily plugging away with your app! But, do you know how it is performing? Do you know what your users tend to use the most? Do you know when […]


Downtime Recently my server went down! Well… not exactly… It did however stop serving pages with a trusted certificate. Looking into this took my NGINX container down and required some updates. So, without further ado, here’s what happened… First Things First! I try to be as transparent as possible. I am hosting a few other websites […]

OAuth2 Explained

OAuth2 Explained I’ve recently involved myself with the implementation of OAuth2 in my current position. During this involvement, I’ve had to read through the OAuth2 specifications and audit our system for compliance. It’s pretty cut and dry as far as compliance goes.. it either works, or it doesn’t work. Since it was working and nobody […]

Managed Website

Managed Website As I had previously mentioned I recently wiped my host machine for my website. Go ahead, check out the Wayback Machine for it. From beginning to end it’s been rather static and consuming the entire purpose of a remote server. During this “reset” I wanted to more fully utilize my server. I wanted to […]

Hacktoberfest: Minecraft Server

Hacktoberfest: Minecraft Server Hacktoberfest is upon us! This month I’m hacking on small projects each week and sharing them. Previously… A few weeks ago we found a problem with our GitLab Runner and fixed it. This week, we attempted to make a persistent Minecraft Server using a Dockerfile and the new GitLab Runner to deploy […]