Hacktoberfest: Use Alexa without talking!

Hacktoberfest: Use Alexa without talking! Hacktoberfest is upon us! This month I’m hacking on small projects each week and sharing them. Backstory When we sleep at night, we like to have some background white noise to help with sleeping. Since we have an Echo in our kitchen and an Echo Dot in our bedroom, we […]

Hacktoberfest: GitLab Runner

Hacktoberfest is upon us! This month I’m hacking on small projects each week and sharing them. We Continue… Last week, my son and I recently ventured out to start a Minecraft server as part of Hacktober fest. This week we are planning on automating that server a bit more. A few days after playing on […]


Hacktoberfest is upon us! This month I’m hacking on small projects each week and sharing them. Minecraft This week my son and I hacked together an auto-deployed Docker based Minecraft server that is also automatically backed up and uses Git for managing server configurations. We haven’t finished the auto-backup to Dropbox portion yet, but that’s something […]


Begin Anew I recently wiped my hosting server since I was closing down my computer repair business. It always bothered me that I was only hosting one site on a rather large server and I couldn’t do much with it without risking downtime (not that it really mattered given so little traffic). When I shut it […]


We’ve come so far since last “game dev” session! We have an actual rules book! This came about after sifting through notes we had taken in the previous sessions while play testing and meeting conflicting information. It was time to consolidate and create one rules set to rule them all! The rule book isn’t entirely complete, […]

Play Testing!

It’s been a short while and Connor and I have had another “game dev” session! He brought his journal with him and it had some ideas! So, we went about play testing some of the ideas from the first session and some of the ideas in his journal. The Story… So Far… For this particular […]


The other day I was playing a tabletop game with my son. It was Zombies!!! If you haven’t played it, it’s a tile based tabletop game where you play as a human trying to escape a city filled with zombies. The world starts as 9×9 gridded square. Each turn a new tile is played growing the […]

GopherCon 2018

So, this was my first ever development convention. I gotta say.. it was pretty awesome and I’m not sure why I haven’t gone to one earlier. In this post I’m going to try and explain what GopherCon is, why you should go next year, and some travel tips that may help you. So.. What is […]

Hello world!

So, after much consideration, I’ve retired from computer repair and decided to re-launch a site to focus more on my passion: developing solutions to interesting problems. My goal is to document my forays into the unknown (to me at least) for later reflection. Maybe it’ll help someone facing similar issues. I have a few projects […]