Does your law firm spend more time attracting new clients than it does representing them? When you do find a good lead, do you often find they already have representation? What if your firm had a partner that provided qualified client leads and never asked for a stake in the firm? Silent Partner provides exclusive qualified leads to law firms so that lawyers can spend less time marketing and more time representing. 

With Silent Partner, you get:

  1. Exclusive qualified client leads
    1. Based on lead profiles you control
    2. Relevant to your practice
    3. Leads do not yet have representation
  2. Validated addresses
    1. Tailored to your target demographic location
    2. Useful for direct mail marketing
    3. Mail merge and post!
  3. Lead tailoring
    1. Case type
    2. Jurisdiction
    3. Court system
    4. Validated address exclusion
Up to 10 exclusive qualified leads
1 lead profile
Monthly delivery
Small Firm
Up to 100 exclusive qualified leads
10 lead profiles
Weekly delivery
Large Firm
Up to 1000 exclusive qualified leads
100 lead profiles
Daily delivery